Injustice 2 has an expected 2017 arrival, and is coming off of winning the Game Critics Awards at E3 this year. The game is continuing forward generating heaps of excitement. Ed Boon has announced an Injustice 2 panel on July 22nd at San Diego’s ComicCon. NetherRealm will be hosting the panel culminating with two new Injustice 2 characters to be revealed. Here is the tweet from the man himself,

Boon is no stranger to use of Twitter and gauging fan reaction on the platform, posting polls for fans to vote on potential new additions to games, and even directions for NetherRealm Studios’ strong franchises, seen here

Fans of the first Injustice all around should still rejoice. These two new Injustice 2 characters have the potential to be huge news for the game itself, and even the series moving forward overall. Of course, we could just be left with obvious choices and some hurt expectations. This by no means proves the hype isn’t worth it. One of the biggest strengths of the first installment of the series was its roster, with its diversity and range. Characters like Solomon Grundy alongside Sinestro and Doomsday created for such an interesting environment. Each character feeling like it’s gameplay was totally unique and curtailed stylistically to the character themselves. The difference between calling a meteor from the sky in to chains from the earth and tossing a batarang or calling the Batmobile led to such variety in the player experience.

Thus far, we can expect the same from the series next installment, hopefully featuring a deep and broad character pool both in flavor and style, something not disqualified even if the 22nd’s announcements aren’t necessarily a surprise.

Two new Injustice 2 characters


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