Say goodbye to Capcom Cup and  say hello to KI World Cup. Ok, it’s not such a big of a deal, but the Killer Instinct World Cup is something that we should be definitely excited about. The cup is announced by KI Twitter profile and will happen in two months. Check the tweet below.

Here are some details about the Cup:

The Killer Instinct World Cup is the culmination of a yearlong ranking system that took place during 2016. The World Cup itself is a first of its kind for Killer Instinct, and the upcoming 2017 tournament serves as the brand’s inaugural event. With the ranking system 27 best players from around the world are determined.

These qualified players will join 5 more competitors qualifying at the event to establish a best-of-the-best 32 man world-class tournament. Killer Instinct Ultra Tour is drastically expanding the KI World Cup! The tournament will now feature 32 powerful Killer Instinct players, all fighting for their share of $30,000!

On top of that, qualifying for the finals bracket this March guarantees a payout, as the $30,000 prize pool is split all the way down the 32 participants!

5 spots are reserved for last chance qualifiers on site at the KI World Cup itself! That’s right, even if players don’t have enough points to qualify, they can still show up, compete in a last chance qualifier, and make their way into the final bracket and the money! These last chance qualifiers will come in the form of four brutal single elimination brackets. Players are free to compete in all four of them to try to earn their spots in the finals! The 5th spot will go to the winner of our KI Last Chance Qualifying Pro Battle. More Info on this is coming really soon!