It is obvious that Capcom has longterm plans with Street Fighter V. According to Gamespot, game’s executive producer, Yoshinori Ono said that Street Fighter V support will continue at least until 2020.

In one interview ,Ono replied a question concerning Street Fighter V’s development schedule going forward by saying, “It’s not just a 1-2 year thing. We’re looking pretty far ahead … We’ve planned out as far as 2020 or so.”

Tomoaki Ayano made some additional comments on the development – “Street Fighter V is a title we’re adding on to as it goes along, so we’re working on it while planning ahead on the best way to develop it further.”

Ono also confirmed that Capcom is determined on making Street Fighter V an important player on eSports scene commenting on possibility of Capcom releasing a non- fighting game: “I’d be happy if we could. But first, we’d have to solidify Street Fighter V as an eSports title. I said in the beginning that we’ve seen a higher number of entrants than we had in the Street Fighter IV era, but we’d like to heighten that even further. The more people participate, the bigger tournaments we can host, and the more people are going to watch them, which is directly connected with our sales, and that’s going to decide the future.”

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