Those whooping 92 pages long patch notes that Capcom released for Street Fighter V Season 2 will be analyzed for weeks and even months. In a neatly packed pdf file, that can be found here, published on Capcom Unity, you can find every major and minor general changes but also all the character changes that Season 2 brought to your favorite game. Everyone will try to answer the obvious question: What does these changes mean for Street Fighter V and the game’s characters? Well, the first man who decided to take upon this ungrateful task is yours truly, James Chen. This commentator did a massive 5 hour stream where he went through all the characters and all the changes, breaking them down page by page, sentence by sentence. You can watch the whole thing or just skip to the characters that interest you the most. Check the analysis below.

If you have a hard time finding your way in the pdf file or you don’t want to watch the videos, there is a simplified version available here. The list can be viewed in either Japanese or English language and you have side bars that will help you jump to the preferred character changes without having to scroll indefinitely. All you have to do is pick the topic that interests you and you’ll be automatic taken there.

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