Besides NuckleDu’s win¸, one of the most pleasant surprises on Capcom Cup 2016 was Ricki Ortiz finishing as a runner up. Yahoo eSports decided to do an Interview with her, where she summed up the impressions from Capcom Cup but also discussed Season 2 of Street Fighter V and whether she will drop Chun – Li as her main character.

Ricki thinks her hard training regime before Capcom Cup contributed to her good performance saying ” I promised myself that for two and a half weeks straight I would practice hardcore with [Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez] and just focus on practicing completely to get the sharpest I could in the game. I wasn’t sure how much I could improve until Capcom Cup, but I knew I had to put my all into it.”

Asked what she thinks about SFV Season 2 she said she is entertained by the possibilities and new characters that will be included in the game, adding ” I think if I don’t like Chun-Li, I’ll definitely drop her. A lot of people are asking me if I’m going to stick with Chun-Li in Season 2, and I’m like yes, if I like her and she’s competitive I will. Chun-Li is my favorite Street Fighter character so when a new game comes out I always pick Chun-Li first because I want to see how she plays… so I’ll do the same thing in Season 2.”

Ricki Ortiz also thinks about getting into Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, since Marvel vs. games were ones that started off her competitive career saying “I think to get comfortable with the game to a point where you just have to work on being sharp takes about two years. Two years of solid playing, entering events, just knowing every situation. By the time Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes out, I’m planning that I’ll already be really sharp in Street Fighter that I can kind of put it on the back-burner for a little bit… that’s what my plan is. I can juggle both games.”

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