We found out the fourth new character to join Season 2 of Street Fighter V. The character in question is Abigail, who is set to debut in the Street Fighter series after appearing as the final boss in Final Fight. This was announced today on Capcom Unity, alongside a reveal trailer for the Street Fighter V Abigail. So check it out below.

Making his way from Final Fight to Street Fighter V, Abigail was one of the top ranking members of the Mad Gear Gang. His territory is the Bay Area of Metro City, a location he terrorizes with his gargantuan size, and at eight feet tall, he makes the Red Cyclone look like a spinning top. The tires around Abigail’s monstrous biceps make is clear what he’s been up to when he isn’t cracking skulls. This mountain of a man is a complete (mad) gear head that loves to make car noises almost as much as he loves driving them.

If the trailer isn’t enough, you can take a look at some more in-game screenshots from Street Fighter V Abigail below.

We should get more information on Street Fighter V Abigail in the following days, but it is expected that the price will be the same as with the previous three DLC characters.