Killer Instinct players have much to look forward at the end of the year. Update 3.6 was released bringing balance changes, new features, and more. The new character Kilgor was announced and as of today, you can get the Legend of Thunder costume for free. The Killer Instinct makers just felt like they didn’t get Thunder right first time. They have decided to make up for that mistake and for the first time offered a third costume for a Killer Instinct character. The costume was designed collaborating closely with Nez Perce tribe, so they could get it right this time. The costume is available for free to all players who purchased the character. You can check the story about re-imagining Thunder below.

The new character, cyborg Kilgore, will join the Killer Instinct’s roster next year on Xbox One and PC. However, Killer Instinct players won’t have to wait so long to see this mini gun wielding cyborg in action. They will have a chance to fight against the player soon. As it stands, we don’t know much about the character but it will sure be one more awesome addition to the world of Killer Instinct.

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