Killer Instinct for will get a new fighter in January, according to Microsoft Studios and developer Iron Galaxy. The character in question is cyborg Kilgore,  who will join the Killer Instinct’s roster next year on Xbox One and PC. However, Killer Instinct players won’t have to wait so long to see this mini gun wielding cyborg in action. They will have a chance to fight against the player soon.

As it stands, we don’t know much about the character but  Rukari Austin, Microsoft Studios community manager went on Twitter saying that Kilgore is a “re-imagining”. A UltraTech-developed amalgamation. Check the tweet below.

This isn’t the end of the new additions when it comes to Killer Instinct. Players will also get a new costume for Thunder, as part of the Killer Instinct’s version 3.6 update. This free costume is designed working closely with the Nez Perce tribe, so the Thunder would have an authentic outfit. You can check the patch notes for version 3.6 in the video below.

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