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We all (should) know and love Iron Galaxy for it’s development and upkeep of popular fighting game Killer Instinct, as well as many other features throughout the gaming community, including the porting of many different titles. Killer Instinct itself boasts a large character list, innovative form, and a slowly but surely fostering competitive scene, following big showings at EVO 2016, and it’s consistent online tournaments like 8Bit BeatDown.

Iron Galaxy has been a large developer for some time now, and has picked up a huge addition as it’s new CEO.

Sony has already recently made waves in its huge support of the Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter V as a whole, but it now indirectly makes waves, as former Sony Executive Adam Boyes (pictured below,) moves back to his game development roots by becoming the new CEO of Iron Galaxy.

boyes sony

This bodes great things for both parties, allowing for Boyes to return to game development at the helm of a company that has already done consistent great work in the community, and allowing for Iron Galaxy to be better suited to expansion and presence in the field of top games.

While there will be some level of controversy with a major figure of Sony leaving at all, (let alone to a developer most known for its creation of a Microsoft exclusive fighting game, and recent phenom, Killer Instinct,) the story should be more centered around the positives moving forward for the development studio.

Taking up the reigns August 8th, Boyes is poised to continue Iron Galaxies ascent in the video game world, and hopefully in a continued direction involving the fighting game community. We could always use more games to compete in, more buttons to hit, and more healthbars to carve.

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