Ok, we have something we couldn’t resist but to share with you. Recently, while doing our hard but pleasing job of researching fighting games, we stumbled upon something that truly made us laugh. Since is dear and caring site, we decided to introduce you to a hilarious Twitterbot A New Challenger that has a new Fighting Game character idea every day.

If you want to be entertained but also intrigued, you can follow the Twitter boot here. We hand picked some of his best ideas that you can look into below. Enjoy!

Although most of the ideas are insane or hilarious, some of them are pretty solid. We hope that someone from the Fighting Game industry will check into this Twitterbot and his new Fighting Game character idea every day posts, and make it happen. Wouldn’t it be cool to see an old Iranian lady who fights using ninjitsu? Sign us in, if there is some kind of petition to make this possible.

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