Ok guys, this tournament is getting out of the hand, really. First infiltration was kicked out into the losers bracket and then was eliminated from the tournament. You can read all about it here. But upsets in Capcom Cup 2016 Top 32 didn’t end there. K-Brad shouldn’t even be on the tournament and he kicked out Daigo in the losers bracket who managed to get back by beating Brolynho there. Ricki Ortiz also sent GamerBee into the losers bracket to face with Julio.

Tokido didn’t put any resistance in Capcom Cup 2016 Top 32 since he first managed to get 1 win against DRRay, only to face Eita afterwards and be wiped clean by 3 – 0 at the end. Also FChamp came back and kicked out Justin Wong. It was phenomenal, Justin Wong had lead of 2 to 1 and it looked like FCamp was out. But FCamp managed to be more concentrated on the end and stay alive. Currently Phenom and Ryan Hart are deciding the last player who will go forward. Below you can check the full results. Brace yourself!




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