We know you are interested in what professional SFV players think about Season 2 and the changes that it brought to the game, so we will try and collect opinions from various SFV players.Ricki Ortiz said she still has to put some hours to the game to have a final opinion but that she is entertained by the possibilities and new characters that will be included in the game. Street Fighter competitive legend Daigo Umehara already thinks Season 2 is an improvement.

Speaking for PvP Live, Daigo shared his thoughts about Season 2 saying ” I think it’s good overall. The game balance is always challenging. Understanding the nature of it, I think Capcom balanced it pretty well. The quality of the game, which is to say the playability, has improved.”

He also stated that he will not be switching to Akuma, although he expressed interest in testing him out. He added “I may play Akuma as a sub, but he would not be my main character.  I prefer Ken over Akuma, and Guile over Ken. In fact, I have been playing Guile as well as Urien. I’ve known Guile from the older series, and he is one of the characters which benefited overall from the changes though Ken too has gone through a change.”

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