Street Fighter V Season V characters

Ok, some major news guys. NeoGAF users managed to discover a  SFV PC Beta Build that contains some of the changes we should expect in Season 2. The information first appeared on NeoGAF forum with user Ucchedavāda posting:

“Here’s something interesting:
According to SteamDB, a new ‘test200’ branch has been added to the SFV depot (for reference, we are on ‘test13’), which is 1.76 GB larger than the current version. What is notable is that unlike the other branches, it looks like Capcom has not put a password on this one, either by mistake or because this is intended as a yet-to-be-announced public test.

I am unable to test it at the moment, but you can try to grab it by clicking on SFV in your library, selecting properties, going to the ‘BETAS’ tab, and selecting ‘test200’ from the drop-down.

Here are some of the discovered changes in this SFV PC file:

  • Icon identifying rage-quitters
  • D-Input support
  • You get a message saying trials are not updated
  • You can pick music per mode (versus, training, etc.)
  • Balance changes

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