The end of 2016 is near, but we are getting some nice news in the world of fighting games. One of those news is a confirmation of a rough release date for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Since PlayStation Experience and announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, FGC community expected the further news with a lots of anticipation. It was rumored that the game will be released in the late 2017, but there was no confirmation until today. In an interview with 4gamer, translated by MajinTenshinhan from Eventhubs, Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano discussed the ambitions of the company in 2017 and said that “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is set to release in the latter half of 2017.”

He also mentioned that there will be something special for all the fans of Street Fighter V in 2017, since the game is set for its 30th anniversary. “We at Capcom are very proud of this memorable occasions,” he said. “Everyone reading 4Gamer, and anyone who’s a Street Fighter fan, get as excited as you’re capable for this upcoming year, please look forward to it!” There are plenty of things to be looking forward in 2017, that’s for sure. If you still didn’t manage to do so, check out the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite trailer below.

The game is coming to XBox One and PS4 and  will pit Marvel’s finest characters against those from Capcom in a 2 vs 2 style matches. The only character announced so far for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite are Ryu, Mega Man, Iron-Man, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. Capcom is promising a massive cinematic story mode, an arcade mode, as well lobbies among other yet to be announced gameplay modes.We can’t wait for it!

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