SNK took us all by surprise when they decided to announce The King Of Fighters World, a mobile Free To Play MMORPG for IOS and Android. Besides a summer release window and the kick ass trailer which hints at a retelling of the franchise saga, we did not know what to expect from the game in terms of designs and graphics. But this changes today!

Several in game screenshots, 3d models and character artwork from The King Of Fighters World have found their way to social media. So we thought we really had to compile these images and present them to you in a single post. Check them out below:

As you can see the images show the KOF saga‘s main characters, in the form of Kyo, Iori, Chizuru, K’ and Ash. We also got our first look at Benimaru, Mai, and Billy. The leaked images also give us our first look at what appears to be a versus screen of sorts, showing the famous Japan Team (Kyo, Benimaru, and Goro) facing off against the Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy, and Joe). Could this be an early portion of the game that retells the KOF94 or 95 in a modern manner? We cannot tell.

The King Of Fighters World will first be released in China this coming summer for both Andoid and IOS, with a more global release set for a later date. For all your daily fix on the King Of Fighters franchise keep checking us back as

  • Le Perique

    KOF XIV is on sale!!!! $40.00! My time has come!

    • Thats a great price and an Awesome game. I just wished there are more people playing it online 🙁