SNK has been doing a really good job recently. They released some fan favorite characters for their (historically) flagship fighting game, the King of Fighters XIV. Vanessa, Whip, Rock Howard and Yamazaki were all characters that were enjoyed by the playerbase in past games (Well, Rock was enjoyed in Garou, but we’re not going to pretend that those playerbases don’t overlap) and to see them return was hypeworthy in itself. It showed the SNK was listening to the playerbase and that they’re definitely willing to put more heart and effort into the game, something that some members of the playerbase were doubting after it’s release.

SNK listening to fans is even better news for me, because I’m an SNK fan, so I’m taking it upon myself to list my top five hopes for the next DLC characters in The King of Fighters XIV. Of course, I write for FGCNow, so I’m duty bound to put the word “Our” instead of “My.” With that side, here we go with ‘Our’ top five hopes for the next DLC characters for the King of Fighters XIV.

5 – Blue Mary

Waifu? Fatal Fury? Why not? Blue Mary is a character that is not only popular, but has a lot of room for expansion of bother her character and her moveset. She’s almost a blank slate, given how little true attention she got in the Fatal Fury series, and how she can benefit from the revamped Max Mode system. Basically, she’s just a case of “She can be whatever the developers want her to be” so why not? Not to mention that just showing her face there would be enough for SNK to get the undying love and loyalty of everyone who’s ever touched a 90’s SNK property. I’m not advocating fanboyism, but if someone became a fanboy over Blue Mary, I couldn’t blame them.

4 – Alba Meira

Let’s get one thing clear. Maximum Impact wasn’t good. Maximum Impact is sort of the result of one company spewing out thirty different fighting game titles. One of them was going to be a little lackluster. But Alba was kind of cool. A lightning character with projectiles is apparently really rare in these SNK games, with Benimaru relying on Max Mode for a projectile and Sylvie Paula Paula being…Well…As lackluster as Maximum Impact was disappointing. Still, there’s no question that Alba is a popular character, coming in second in the 2005 popularity poll, and Falcoon (SNK artist, worked on Dragon Ball) even calls him a “cooler version of himself.”

3 – Shingo Yabuki

What can I say? I like characters that remind me of Sakura (Street Fighter, not the other one(s)). Characters that are kind hearted and mess up the moves of well known styles are loveable to me. As long as they’re trying their best to do the moves correctly, anyhow (So not Dan Hibiki). Shingo tries his best to use Kusanagi style ancient martial arts, but he’s so green that he messes it up. I know people that play Alice might have a soft spot in their hearts for Shingo, and he’d certainly be enough to arouse the curiosity of some newer players, and younger players. His determined nature appealing to them.

2 – Ash Crimson

Don’t ask me why Ash should be DLC. Ask them why Ash isn’t already DLC. Ash was cool, and as long as we’re bringing back other heroes in K’ and Kyo, why not bring back Ash? Ash had a strange dynamic in which the player was supposed to feel bad for cheering for him. I had a hard time getting over the fact that he was a male, so feeling bad sort of came second for me. Don’t tell me that Ash is dead either. Geese died. Twice. He’s still there, and apparently Verse has a penchant for bringing people back to life. With Verse’s defeat “Ash and the other souls return to their former bodies; Kukri and Elisabeth find Ash alive.” so Ash can return. Let’s go SNK, give us some Crimson!

1 – Saiki

As someone who plays Geese, I do enjoy playing final bosses in fighting games. Saiki went down the same time that Ash Crimson did, so there’s no reason he can’t be back with Ash, if that was the road SNK chose to go down. Saiki is simply more of a malevolent version of Ash, and I’d love to see what dialogue went down between them if they did both return as DLC.

What do you think of this list? Who do you hope to see in KoF XIV? Let me know in the comments and for more on The King of Fighters, stick with us at FGCNow and make sure to follow us on Twitter @FGCnow


  • FreedomKME

    Play the real KOFs, kid.

  • Destruktor2k

    KOF Maximum impact character with the word top or best in the same sentence should be a felony!
    Those games were garbage at best. And your list needs Rugal in it! Saiki was also shit



  • scrungus

    We need my niggas Hwa Jai and Raiden, STAT

  • Mercure XI

    So many great characters missing … and you choose Saiki and … Alba (lol) ?

    Oh well …

  • Fernando da Silva