The developers of King of Fighters XIV continue to keep its playerbase (and perspective playerbase) enticed and in the loop with the games roster with yet another team gameplay trailer. This time, the team gameplay trailer came for Ikari Team, a group of fierce Ikari mercenary warriors. This team includes dangerous brawler Ralf, energy manipulating Leona, super strong man grappler Clark. You can see them below:

This team holds some very powerful and experienced fighters in the King of Fighters XIV roster. They are all mercenaries of Ikari, and show their strength and efficiency on the battlefield.

Team Ikari

Ikari Team is the 13th team gameplay trailer released on the road to King of Fighters XIV’s own formal release. There are only a couple teams left for the game to be displayed before its full release, and the roster as a whole has proven itself to be packed full of interesting characters, engaging storylines, and some powerful moves and fighting styles.

Even amongst Ikari Team itself, the characters representing fight in incredibly different playstyles amongst themselves. Leona shows a quicker style focused on strikes using energy manipulation, Ralf shows a lightning fast punching style resulting in huge explosive comboes, and Clark shows a slow but technical style focused on throwing the opponent around and keep his grip on them, guiding their movements to large drawn out combinations and series of grapple moves.

To fight as Ikari Team, or against them, you will have to adjust your playstyle thoroughly to match the sheer amount of hoops to jump through. Likely one style of fight will never take out any two of these participants, and special care must be show to curtail your approach to the strengths of your opponent. When it comes to this team, that means studying up, and learning how to play three very different styles of match.

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