The King of Fighters XIV is a game I have a vested interested in watching grow. KOF was a series that many people never got the opportunity to enjoy, and with it’s revival in KOFXIV that’s being amended. SNK seems to have taken that to the extreme, this time, supporting a Pakistani King of Fighters 14 Tournament. It’s not often that I’ll cover news retrospectively, aside from tournament grand finals, but this was so far out of the norm that I couldn’t just let it go. When was the last time you heard about Capcom supporting a tournament outside of a tourism area?

The Victor of KOFXIV PVGF 2017: Farhan

The King of Fighters 14 Pakistani Virtual Games Federation Tournament featured only twelve players this time around, but the low number of players didn’t have any effect on just how skilled all twelve of the entrants were. They displayed master of the games mechanics, and put on quite the show in their battle for first place, a cash prize and a fair amount of SNK merchandise as well as the customary bragging rights that come with being the champion of a fighting game, whether that be in a large tournament or just at ones local, or even in an arcade.

The runner up of KOFXIV PVGF: Wahaj

At the end of the series of bouts, the only players left standing above the debris were players Wahaj and Farhan, and after a well fought and intense matchup, Wahaj ended up edging out against Farhan, and taking first place for himself, and becoming the champion of KOFXIV PVGF 2017. This is a large step for Esports in general, and for KOF as well, the games lackluster release and poor pre release marketing took their toll, but the community and SNK themselves have made strides in bringing their game to life despite that, and events like this prove that there is appeal for the game, and that the game has so much more life to live.

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  • Le Perique

    SNK doing things right! AGAIN.
    Y dont you learn CRAPCOM?