SNK has been really spoling us lately with all things related to the KOF franchise. After the reveal of the four upcoming DLC characters like Rock Howard, the free stages, the animated series and the manga series, SNK still has surprises up its sleeves.

First, the Japanese company has announced today the official release date of the DLC characters and stages. All the four DLC characters, Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa, and Rock will be available to purchase starting from April 5th, along with two new stages (the train stage from Fatal Fury 2 and the car racing course stage from KOF97). While the two stages are free for all users, those of us who wants the extra fighrers will have to pay $5.99 per character. There is no news yet of a discounted DLC bundle for those of us who are planning to get the lot.


Second, SNK has also announced that a full roster balance patch will be included in the April 5th update. there are no details on these changes and how they will affect game balance or any specific characters.

And finally, the King Of Fighters XIV massive update will also bring new BGM tracks and Training mode improvements.

 The new KOF14 update, dubbed Ver 2.00, will be released on April 5th. Are you planning to get any of the new DLC characters? Let us know in the comments below!

source: SNK Facebook Page