King of Fighters XIV shocked many in it’s panel at EVO, announcing the beginnings of King of Fighters XIV Demo availability, more than a month before the game is set to be released (August 23rd). This captured huge amounts of attention across the fighting game community. Thus far, King of Fighters has put forth tons of content and looks into its content on the road to it’s release date. At EVO, players were given the opportunity to play the game in a tournament, as well as ask questions to developers.

This panel, along with SNK’s continuous release of daily in-game screenshots, and formerly monthly gameplay introduction videos (now released even sooner, but we will get to that in a bit), shows a true confidence in the game itself, and a faith with the fanbase to look at the snippets released, and be even more excited than they were before for late August. Despite not capturing the Game Critics Awards victory when it came to fighting games displayed in E3 this year, it seems King of Fighters XIV is still coasting into it’s release with a positive hype generated, and with content to back it up.

In fact, SNK released yet another gameplay introduction trailer, this time for Team China. This team includes the series debut of Shun’ei who manipulates fire and ice, Meitenkun who sports pajamas and a gameplay emphasis on sleep, as well as the return of Tung Fu Rue, master of chi, and the extremely powerful ideology and fighting style of Hakkyokuseiken.

Together this fresh trio looks like it hits gameplay elements of speed, reach, and power. The group looks to represent China to the fullest, and comes as the 14th team to have their gameplay sneak peek so far.

What did you think about this new team’s trailer? How do you feel about the new King of Fighters XIV Demo? Feel free to tweet us your thoughts!

King of Fighters XIV Demo

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