King of Fighters XIV has kept players interested, captivated, and entertained as it’s monumental demo reached the gaming world. With so much being released, they certainly made sure not to forget the vital content they’ve been giving peeks to. King of Fighters has kept up with it’s content insights, long before the game’s release was this close. These peaks include daily in game screenshots, as well as very regular release of gameplay trailers for teams from the roster. This time, that team is Team Psycho Soldier, here is their trailer below.

This team is comprised of the fierce and psionically gifted pop singer Athena Asamiya, the fire-breathing former martial arts expert/instructor/drunk (heralded the Drunken Fist Master) Chin Gentsai, and the psychic dragon manipulating superthreat Sie Kensou.

This Chinese team looks to be fiercely strong coming into King of Fighters XIV, featuring heavy psionic and mental abilities, as well as Chin’s mastery of the drunken fist fighting style, a method (and excuse to drink) he takes very seriously. If you’re a fan of quick comboes, heavy hits, fire, and the mind… you’ve found your team.

Team Psycho Soldier

With King of Fighters XIV coming closer and closer to it’s August 23rd release date, team gameplay trailers are coming faster. While Team Psycho Soldier is lacking a representative in the King of Fighters XIV demo released recently, they lack for little else. They certainly don’t lack for star-power, Chin himself was even first featured in the 1994 King of Fighters game. Team Psycho Soldier brings to the table an array of skill, experience, and powers to combat it’s foes. If you’re planning on utilizing this Chinese team’s numerous strengths, be prepared for many explosions. Blue and purple energy, as well as roaring red flames will certainly dance across your screen, and hopefully (for your sake) quite a bit.

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