More in the news of what is probably the most anticipated fighting game release of the year, Tekken 7 has dropped some more content for us to feast our eyes on. Last week Namco Bandai released the character episode 1 trailer, to allow us to see some of the games roster in action, something that excited many players of the series, and even wowed some of the people that haven’t played a Tekken game. Personally I have a few friends that are interested in picking up the game after watching that trailer, this includes people that don’t typically even give fighting games the time of day.

Namco Bandai seems interested in continuing this trend, and are doing just that by releasing the Character Episode 2 trailer. This time in, the trailer focuses on characters King, Jack, Steve Fox, Nina Williams, Eddy Gordo, Lucky Chloe, and Miguel Caballero Rojo. It shows off many of the characters combos and moves, and gives us a good idea of how they all play, in a short amount of time, something that the best trailers excel at. The only bad thing about this trailer, is that it isn’t the game itself, and that we still have about a month to wait before we get our hands on it.

Also that it’s in Japanese, but that doesn’t bother some people. This trailer perfectly encapsulates the excitement and hype behind the game and it’s impending release. Despite having been available for quite some time in the East, the game still looks fairly polished for it’s upcoming console release, and it already has another trailer that shows that it’ll blow other games out of the water in terms of content, and roster size.

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