If you are like me, and like to browse through YouTube, you must have stumbled upon Honest Game Trailers segment from Smosh Games channel. If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. In short, a dude with an awesome voice goes through a game or a game series and nitpicks it to the point where it becomes hilarious.

The latest series that had the pleasure of being ridiculed was Tekken. We have all played it and can’t stay indifferent. Some love it, others hate it, but without this series the world of fighting games would surely miss something. In this Tekken Honest Game Trailer everyone will find something that is relatable. For example, I relate to the “chose Eddy and mash it out until you win”, which is something I definitely did in my youth. Didn’t we all? Now, before I spoil you everything, check the trailer below.

Of course, Tekken wasn’t the only fighting game that received its own Honest Game Trailer. Before Tekken, Street Fighter was the one taking punches. In case you have missed it out, since it was posted a while ago, you can check the Street Fighter Honest Game Trailer below. Enjoy it.