The way the things are unfolding, we wouldn’t be surprised if Capcom Cup 2016 becomes a whole other tournament instead of expected. First there was Misterio, who was expected to miss since there was a diubt he will get  a visa. K – Brad opened a bottle of vine and celebrated, since he took the spot. Yesterday, Tse4444 also made Yukadon’s day when it was announced that the Hong Kong native won’t be participating in the tournament. That was two down, and Capcom already made a promise that the final bracket will be released today. Well, it looks like that won’t happen, since there was one more cancellation. Younes Lazaar CCL posted on his Twitter account that he will not be able to participate in the Capcom Cup. Dark Jiewa will probably took his place. Look at his tweet below.

After Misterio, Tse4444 , and Younes Lazaar CCL we are expecting more cancellations. We don’t have anything but we have a hunch. Let’s hope it’s a wrong one.

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