Ever wanted to play as a green Ryu in a purple gi? I haven’t, but I’m sure someone out there has just had their prayers answered by this new addition to Ultra Street Fighter 2. Along with the first person mode “Way of The Hado” it has been confirmed that a color editor will make it’s way into Ultra Street Fighter 2, allowing players to add their own personal flair to their favorite characters. It seems a worthy addition, given how few cosmetic options there were in games back then, the addition of hats and other silly items would probably be a little bit strange, and decrease how nostalgic the game makes players feel, changing colors is probably a better middle ground.

It would appear that the player made colors will be usable in Arcade, Versus and Online Modes, giving added value to the choice to make ones own colors for individuality, and added annoyance when you eventually run into the one Blanka who is the same shade of pink that you are, freaking copy cats. Along with the color editor will come a gallery mode, though which will feature over 1000 illustrations from SF20: The Art of Street Fighter in 250 DPI for our viewing pleasure.

Aside from the pictures linked, what we know about the Color Edit mode is that it will utilize the Switch’s touch screen capability to mix and match shades to create new colors, via an in depth color chart. Players will be able to save up to 10 custom colors, presumably to switch between in the character select screen, meaning that there’ll be no shortage of ways to display your mood of the day via character outfit color. While it’s unlikely that the Color Edit mode or gallery is going to be what “Makes” Ultra Street Fighter 2 a must buy for consumers, they’re nice additions, and should, in some way, help the game meet the value of the 40 bones it costs.

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