Urien From Street Fighter V Balrog Trailer

Yes, that is right. One of the classic Street Fighter characters is getting added to the Street Fighter V roster sooner than later. Urien first appeared in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, where he was voiced by Yuji Ueda, and in 3rd Strike, where Lawrence Bayne lent him his voice.
Urien will make a return in Street Fighter V as one of the first waves of DLC fighters,this time, voiced by Bill Rogers in English version and Masayuki Katou in Japanese.

Street Fighter fans expected Urien for a long time, and finally  ,today Capcom released  the intro for this interesting character. We have to say Urien looks awesome in this trailer and we can’t be more excited.
However, we still didn’t receive an official release date or the price. But this is a good start. If you somehow missed the trailer, we are happy to share it with you bellow.

For those of you not familiar with Urien, he is the younger brother of Street Fighter III antagonist, Gill. They share similar appearance and base their fighting technique on the ancient Greek Olympic discipline of Pankration. Although his overall attributes are lower than Gill’s and he does slightly less damage, he is still powerful fighter capable of being a tough opponent in the right hands.

It looks like Capcom is serious about keeping Street Fighter V fresh. Since Urien is just one of the many new characters to come, we are already wondering what else is in store. If Capcom continues with this trend, Street Fighter V will stay relevant for a long time.

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