Sharing Street Fighter V Gameplay Videos  banned

We all know that in the very beginning Street Fighter V had some serious issues when it comes to online playing. Capcom put an effort in fixing these flaws, and alongside with the new upcoming update, the game will surely run even smoother than it did upon the release.

Some of the updates to  the online of Street Fighter V include that “rage quitters” either a ban or reset of their rank. A definite welcome, and It sounds like something that should have been done a long time ago. There is still however a few problems with the Street Fighter V online that are getting the crowds attention.

As Reddit user gamergibbons discovered, sharing a Street Fighter V gameplay video can get you banned! After you finish a match in Street Fighter V you have options to go back to the menu or have more online fights.He was playing on his PS4 and wanted to share a video of his match, so he didn’t choose any of these options. His action was considered as a “rage quit”, so he earned a ban and a rank reset.

Capcom however is known to listen to the online community and taking notes from players feedback, so we are expecting this confusing bug to be solved really quickly. Maybe even in the next update. Until then, if you are a PS4 player and you don’t want to get banned, you should take this advice from one of Reddit PS4 players: “To be safe, only quit the game through the quit button on the main menu and always return to the main menu after your matches.

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