Finally, we have received some news about the progress of new and upgraded CFN alongside infos about SFV Season 2 balance changes and DLC characters. The blog posted on Capcom Unity also revealed that there might be a new Beta test.

It is said that “test has allowed to make further adjustments to optimize the new CFN but in order to be launched, some more work will be required so the developers and players are both happy with the result. For that reason, a new Beta Test, free for all and including all the current roster of characters with the new DLC character, might be launched.  Although we still don’t know who will be the new DLC character, that information should come soon enough.

When it comes to SFV Season 2 balance changes and new DLC character, they were scheduled to be released towards the end of April. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case now. Since both “were developed under the new CFN infrastructure“, they will have to wait until the Network is ready to carry the burden.

The information about possible second Beta Test will be revealed in the coming weeks, so follow if you don’t want to miss it.