With a plethora of Ranking Event competition raging across the country, Capcom has released another development Street Fighter V update and insight into the content going into the game and possible changes, amongst plenty more. This update hits a lot of things, including something fans have been in arms over for a long time, more punishment for rage quitters in multiplayer games.

The blog post included a lot of information, but for the Street Fighter V community this might’ve been the most important aspect, with leavers having so few repercussions before, and with the games potential for extremely long queue times in the first place.

Street Fighter V Development Update

Along with these implemented punishments, the game will be receiving a plethora of new content, including new daily challenges which will reward fight money, finally offering another strong source to farm it. As well, this Street Fighter V update includes purchasable color bundles, new free colors available for fight pass purchasers, and even updates for fighter profiles. Check out all these additions below:

  • VS CPU Option
  • Daily Targets
    • Daily challenges with Fight Money rewards!
  • Fighter Profile Updates!
  • Free colors for Season Pass holders
    • Colors 3-10 for Default and Battle costumes of the 6 DLC characters
  • Premium costumes will now include colors!
    • Colors 3-10 of the purchased premium costume
  • Color bundles available for purchase via FM or Real Money
    • All 22 Characters’ Default & Story Costumes Color Pack 3-10
  • And more to be announced!

With potential additions to this update in the horizon, and double fight money events popping up, Street Fighter V is working strongly to support its community as the game irons out the bigger complains as they rise. Capcom look to impress the doubters with its swift handling of key issues and aspects like the rage quitting and fight money receiving definite forward progress ahead.

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source: Capcom Unity