Bruce Yu-lin Hsiang, better known as GamerBee, is the man you have surely heard about. If not before, then at least in the recent couple of weeks. He first triumphed on Japan Cup 2016, Premier Event in the Capcom Pro Tour, that earned him an automatic qualifying spot to Capcom Cup 2016 in December! Then, he grabbed another win on EGX Capcom Pro Tour premier tournament, defeating Ryan Hart 3-0 in the grand finals. These wins also catapulted him in the top 5 on SFV Capcom Pro Tour Rankings 2016. The things are starting to look bright for this Taiwanese professional fighting games player.

Following the win on EGX 2016, he was featured in the new episode of The Jump-In Podcast. He talked about his transition from SF4 to SFV, his basic strategy and how mixing up the play styles helped him becoming a better player. Also, he mentioned his Top 5 SFV characters, how he adapts to unknown playing styles and the way he trains. Watch this very interesting episode below.

Currently sponsored by ZOWIE, GamerBee was born on April 8, 1979. Prior to becoming a professional gamer, he worked in the hospitality industry. . Gamerbee finished second at EVO 2015 after losing to Yusuke Momochi.He placed 13th at Capcom Cup 2015. This year, however, he could easily make it to top 8 and with just a bit of luck, challenge the title of the best SFV player in the world.

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