I for one, welcome our new top tier overlord. That’s right, there are no typo’s in my title, Street Fighter V’s Kolin is coming into the game boasting 1,000 health and 1,000 stun. Street Fighter has typically been a franchise that made the female characters…Let’s say, just a little undertuned in regards to how much damage they could withstand, a trend that Capcom seems interested in bucking with the release of Kolin. For reference, this is 50 health and stun less than our own Red Cyclone, Zangief. With those numbers in mind, it’s okay to let your jaw drop, Kolin is indeed beefy, rocking these numbers.

This is all alongside counters that do a pretty nice amount of damage, and whatever V trigger setups she’s bringing to the table, so the consensus appears to be that Kolin will be somewhere in the top 5 characters the game has to offer. However, it is important to remember that in the gameplay we’ve seen thus far, her damage without counters is a tad lackluster. The counterargument to that is that with how guess heavy Street Fighter 5 is, there are more than enough opportunities to find a counter on ones opponent for heavy damage, and that even without it, meter burn combos tends to do away with lackluster damage quite nicely.

Of course all of this means that the character will likely rely on conditioning, reads and resource management to be the best she can be, or even remotely playable, beefy or not. On that end it may just be that she’s powerful, but only in the hands of an equally a strong player, the lack of objective skill required behind characters has been a major complaint of players of Street Fighter V, for quite some time, and, if our deductions are correct, Kolin may be an answer to those cries.

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