If you played Juri in Street Fighter IV, you’ll likely have fond memories of the potential zoning and distance she could handle. If you played against her, you’ll likely remember the same (likely in a slightly more negative light, but all the same.)
For Juri in Street Fighter V, she’s already been a release that has made significant waves, and much of the community picked her up and jammed her right into the lab immediately to figure what exactly had changed about the Feng Shui Engine equipped Tae Kwon Doe master. Turns out, as with other returning Street Fighter IV characters like Ibuki, Juri has changed quite a bit from the playstyle many look back fondly on. For many, it seems that despite this, the new Juri is a change for the better. The consensus is that Juri fit the general plastyle of Street Fighter IV well, and has adjusted to fit Street Fighter V’s general style just as well.

Juri in Street Fighter V
Juri started off as a character that liked her distance, and liked punishing those that couldn’t quite find or force their own. She would punish and pressure opponents into fighting her battles, and often won these battles handily. So, what is Juri like in Street Fighter V?
Juri in Street Fighter V seems heavily inclined to no longer zone, but be in the opponents face, making reads and punishing as much as possible. A huge twist for Juri players, as the character went from a more safe and tactical breakdown of the opponent to a thrilling, higher mobility and dangerous character that just happens to love forcing the issue whenever need be, and thoroughly enjoys a good mixup or six. Whether we’ll see Juri on the main competitive stage remains to be seen, but with the character variety of EVO 2016 (pre-top 8 of course), you can be sure we’ll see many attempts. The success rate of these attempts also remains to be seen.
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