The ladder scramble since EVO has been raging even with significantly less points at a time up for grabs, leaving top players battling out for many different smaller Ranking Events in lead up and preparation to the bigger yields. This lack of big events doesn’t mean that the action coming from the Capcom Pro Tour is any less exciting, however. In fact, most of these events have incredibly interesting stories being told as a result. Yes, we aren’t seeing as many big names next to one another on a Challonge bracket, but we are getting a much more competitive scene as a result, with many different opportunities for players to work their way up through incredibly competitive players. This time, without having to fight an upward battle through a packed field to do so.

So what events are coming up?
Capcom Pro Tour

In the next week alone, worldwide there will be 5 different Ranking Events, in a variety of locations.

First: We have the Yangcheng Cup, which began on the 13th, and rages on to the 14th, taking place in China.

Second: We have the Furia Tica 2016, a tournament focused in San Diego and Costa Rica. It will be taking place on the same days, the 13th to the 14th.

Third: Tokyo, Japan hosts the Well Played Cup, a Ranking Event that will take place and finish all on the 14th.

Fourth: The US east coast scene will be bringing us another heavy event after Defend the North, this time to Philadelphia. Summer Jam will be from the 19th to the 20th, and will give another strong look into the North American scene.

Fifth: Finally, the fifth Ranking Event coming to us over this next week of Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour action is E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2016. This event will begin and end between Summer Jam, the whole event happening on the 20th.

If you are waiting for Tokyo Game Show to come around, the Pro Tour’s next Premier Event, you are missing out on some intense action where smaller names throughout the scene across the world are getting their shots at greats, and it might be more even than you thought.capcomcup3

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