Evolution 2016 did a lot of things for the fighting game community, especially so for Street Fighter V. The tournament put on a great show for it’s fans, pitted the best in the world against each another, brought Street Fighter and the fighting game community to a very broad new audience, and heavily changed the scape of the Capcom Pro Tour ladder.

Capcom Pro Tour Ladder

EVO left us with new players winning their ways onto the ladder, players surging ahead, and brought some from a few pages back to front, center, and currently holding a spot that would qualify them for the Capcom Cup.

For instance, Our third place finisher Yukadon now sits at 8th in the standings, with 320 points, up from his previous 64. He joins the others in spots that will likely qualify for the Capcom Cup at this rate, and mostly off of the strength of this one gigantic event, a strong result when it mattered the most. Yukadon managed to knock Tokido, widely considered either the best or second best Street Fighter V player, out of the tournament in the round of 16. In fact, doing what the more renowned Nash player Infiltration couldn’t. The last time the two juggernauts met in the field, at Community Effort Orlando this year, Tokido perfected Infiltrations Nash with a 3-0.

In Infiltration’s case for the Capcom Pro Tour ladder, he flies ahead even further of all other Street Fighter Competitors, more than doubling the second place points with 1664 to second’s 804. Who is this second place of the ladder? Second place finisher for EVO 2016, Razer’s R.Mika, Fuudo. For now, at this point in the season, the results of Evolution 2016 have significantly effected the positions of the field, there’s still some time before the Capcom Cup. For players willing to make the cut, or solidify their positions with an event victory however… the clock is ticking.

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