Currently, the  Street Fighter V servers are down for maintenance. This of course isn’t your regular maintenance. Street Fighter V servers being down means we are in for a lots of new content that will be available when they go up again. We are in for the 4th DLC character in Season 2 Abigail, as well as new costumes and stages. Maintenance is scheduled to take place from 10am to 5pm on 7/25 PDT. Now, we are hours away from testing all the new things Capcom has in store for us. Here is the  official confirmation from the Street Fighter V servers official Twitter account.

In case you have missed on the details of the upcoming content, let us recap quickly. As we said, Abigail will join Akuma, Kolin and Ed as the part of Season 2 DLC characters. Also, there will be some new costumes including Street Fighter V nostalgic costumes (for Alex, Ibuki and Juri) and Capcom Pro tour costumes. Also couple of new stages are coming to the game. The first one is Ryu’s Suzaku Castle, while the other one is Capcom Pro Tour Stage. This makes the wait for Street Fighter V servers to go up even more harder.