Street Fighter V turned out to be an awesome game, but there are some things that lacked from the very start. While the most of them were fixed via updates and DLCs, one important thing was left out. Of course, we are talking about Street Fighter V Arcade mode. It looks like Capcom isn’t very interested in the idea of increasing the number of ways single players can have fun with Street Fighter V. Well, that could soon change for the better.

It isn’t the Capcom that is giving fans what they want, this will be a work of a moder. One Angry Gamer reports that by modder and game designer Resvrgam is currently working on the Arcade Mode for SFV. He is building it from scratch. Although it is still early to talk about the date of the release, it could be something that will be fun to play. You can check the current 0.1b version below.

Here is what he had to say about his work:

The game sold for $60 USD at launch without it and, as of this video, there is still no officially supported Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V (that awful Story Mode doesn’t count)..

This mod is a combination of scripting sequences of CPU opponents in Versus Mode and adding in some new UI elements to accommodate the Arcade Mode’s dependencies (a Continue Screen, etc.). I got the idea while messing around in Versus Mode while growing impatient with the online matchmaking.

I’m hoping that Capcom sees this mod and is convinced that there’s a viable market for investing into the Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V (as its abysmal sales have shown us the consequences of ignoring “filthy casuals” that just want to play through an Arcade Mode).

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