Since the Season 2 of Street Fighter V has kicked in, the opinions haven’t been unanimous, regarding the balance changes that the new season brought. If you found time to settle in, make adjustments to your game and finally acclimated to these new changes, we have a surprise. The Street Fighter V balance updates are coming in April according to Capcom Unity.  Capcom fells that “that some further adjustments need to be made to ensure the cast feels that much more balanced“.

Below you can check the overall Street Fighter V balance updates and all the character details alongside the developers comments are available on this link. Enjoy

System Changes


  • V-Reversal input delay on crouching block has been shortened by 1F.

Throw Escape

  • It is no longer possible to escape throws while inputting up during the throw escape.

Hold frames for charge moves

  • The number of frames necessary to complete a charge has been increased from 6F to 10F.

Invincible “Shoryuken” Attacks

  • Shoryuken type attacks have seen a change across the board. The changes are as follows below.
    • L Shoryuken attacks – maintain throw invincibility
    • M Shoryuken attacks – added airborne invincibility
    • H Shoryuken attacks – added attack and projectile invincibility
  • This change affects Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy, and Juri. Please refer to each character’s individual adjustment list for specifics.