Udon Comics have just announced a limited edition Street Fighter comic book scheduled for 2016’s Free Comic Book Day. Titled Street Fighter V #1, the 1-shot special will feature 3 all-new stories focused on the new and returning cast of Street Fighter V. All the characters on the cover are included, but to find out in what combinations, you’ll have to wait and see! Stories by Ken Siu-Chong and Matt Moylan, with art by Edwin Huang, Jeffrey Cruz, and Brendon Tapper. Available in comic stores everywhere for FREE May 7, 2016.

I asked Udon’s own Matt Moylan if this new comic is part of the ongoing Street Fighter Udon continuity, and this what he had to say: “Yes definitely. It is written to seem self-contained, but you will find out how it connects to the main series later.

Udon is currently publishing the Street Fighter Unlimited series which debuted with a stellar first issue earlier this month. You can read our review here