Street Fighter is coming back to the comics world in the form of Street Fighter Unlimited series. The premiere issue will hit stores next week, December 9th, and we have Matt Moylan, Managing Editor for Udon Entertainment’s publishing division, who was kind enough to sit with us and tell us what to expect from this highly anticipated series. So sit tight, relax, and enjoy our exclusive interview:

Hadoken.net: So Street Fighter is finally coming back to comic book shelves as a monthly comic in the form of Street Fighter unlimited. What was the idea behind bringing the monthly comic release instead of the hardcover volumes you guys opted for over the last couple years?

Matt Moylan: We switched to original graphic novels for a while with the Super Street Fighter and Street Fighter Origins: Akuma books. While we’re happy with how those turned out, it is tough to maintain interest when fans have to wait so long for new material. With the announcement of Street Fighter V, interest in the property is higher than it’s been in some time. So we knew this was the best time to give the monthly format a shot again.


Hadoken.net: Street Fighter unlimited #1 will hit shelves next week, which means just couple of months before SFV. Was this a coincidence or did you guys planned it that way?

Matt Moylan: We were planning to do this series anyway, but with the launch of SFV in February we wanted to be sure the new series was up and running with a few issues on the shelf. So December seemed to be the perfect time.


Hadoken.net: How many issues will SF unlimited have? 

Matt Moylan: So far we have planned out to 12 issues, but we hope it’ll go for much longer! At this point we are pretty far into production, (artist Joe Ng just handed in his rough layouts for issue #9) and we’re already talking about what happens after issue #12.


Hadoken.net: So is Street Fighter unlimited a continuation of the previous series or is it like a new jumping point for new readers? 

Matt Moylan: We’ll definitely be picking up a few past threads and building on the existing relationships, but SF Unlimited will be one of our easiest new series to get into. It actually mirrors UDON’s earliest Street Fighter comics a lot that way.


Hadoken.net: How long soon after the end of Super Street Fighter Vol 2 does the story picks up?

Matt Moylan: Very soon, it’s probably only been a matter of weeks.


Hadoken.net: Can you give us a hint at the overall story of unlimited? 

Matt Moylan: There are two sides to our story that will come together nicely as the issues progress. Ryu embarks on a new phase of his journey to contain the dark urges brewing within him. Ryu’s more experienced at this point, but he also seems willing to take a riskier path. By the end of it he’s going to be in a very interesting place. The other side of it is the growing presence of Gill, Urien and the Secret Society. This a much different group than M. Bison’s clearly villainous Shadaloo. The Society certainly has connections to some sinister people, but they also seem to be doing some good in the world. So are they the real villains here? Hmm…

You can also expect just about every Street Fighter character to show up in this series at some point. Seriously, it’d be easier to tell you who’s NOT in SF Unlimited… I can count them on my fingers! Of course, M.Bison himself won’t be around since he died in our Turbo series. Probably… didn’t he?

Hadoken.net: If you were to match unlimited with a game, would you say this is closer to the SF 3 games story and sf4 ?

Matt Moylan: I would call it “What if just about everybody was around during Street Fighter 3?”. Gill’s going to be putting on a tournament, and most of the Street Fighter 3 crew will be taking part. But we’ll also be seeing classic charactes like Guile, Cammy, Vega, Balrog, Sagat… The Alpha gang, the SFIV gang… even the mayor of Metro City shows up!


Hadoken.net: with Street Fighter V releasing in February, can we expect a mini series telling the events of this new chapter?

Matt Moylan: For one, we’ll be releasing Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash as a 1-shot comic in March 2016. This is a mass-release version of the story that was previously released as a hardcover edition at a few 2015 conventions. If you haven’t been able to meet up with UDON at those shows, now’s your chance to pickup this story. Otherwise we do have other Street Fighter V-related plans, so stay tuned!



Hadoken.net: Besides unlimited, do you guys have plans to do some new mini series that would run along side Unlimited?

Matt Moylan:  We do have something else planned to launch in Summer 2016. Any guesses? 😉


Special thanks to Matt Moylan for this awesome opportunity. The premiere issue of Street Fighter Unlimited will hit physical and digital stores Wednesday December 9th. Look up for our review on Hadoken.net in the next few days. Until then, make sure to follow us on Twitter @hadokendotnet to stay up date on everything Street Fighter.