Street Fighter Unlimited #4 is hitting the stands today, ahead of it original release date, and we have read a copy of the book and lived to tell the tail of its quality. So buckle up and let’s find out if this new issue follows the trend and success of the previous ones.

After a glimpse in Street Fighter II Turbo Finale, Master Gouken has finally made his return known to Ryu. Of course things did not go smoothly, since our warrior wanderer not only saw his master’s body but buried his remains with his own hands. Luckily it did not take Ryu a long time to find out that it is indeed Gouken and that he is alive again. Those hoping to find out how he managed to cheat death will be pleased to know that the issue does give an “explanation”. And while many will not be happy  about the actual explanation, i was able to confirm through a source that the reveal is canon and was provided by Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono. While some might see the Goouken Resurrection story a bit moot, it is interesting that it comes with a twist, which i will not reveal here.


Things have also heated up on the other part of the globe, as Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy, and Alex are fighting hordes of Twelve androids. While all hope seemed lost in the beginning of the fight, an unexpected event involving a character changes things quite a bit. The story of the issue and first mini-arc of Street Fighter Unlimited ends with Gill making himself known to the world in a spectacular show of power.

Like all the previous issues before it, Street Fighter Unlimited #4 offers a backup story. while most of the back-up until now offered unrelated mini stories of beloved character, this new one is quite different however. The mini-story focuses on Juri who lost her motives after Bison’s death, only to be found by C.Viper who might give Juri a new agenda to follow. The big surprise however is how the mini story ends, not only does it hint at a new Street Fighter V character making his comics debut, but it actually announces that a new Street Fighter Legends Series is coming very soon, without naming the character it will focus on.

SFU4_preview4 (1)

So story wise this First arc finale was a solid one. It answered many lingering questions while asked so more. It nicely closed a first epsiode of an ongoing saga, and layed the ground for things to come, both for the Street Fighter Unlimited Series as well as the unannounced upcoming Street Fighter Legends.

Art wise,  Street Fighter Unlimited #4 is still drawn by the talented Joe Ng, and he never ceases to amaze when it comes to action. The back up story was illustrated by Street Fighter newcomer Sarah Stone and she definitely proves that she knows her characters. With how the characters of Juri and Viper, all the way the action was rendered, Sarah seems like a perfect fit for the series. Whether Sarah Stone is the main artist for the upcoming Street Fighter Legend Series or it is veteran artist Omar Dogan, we do not know.

Street Fighter Unlimited #4 Comes out today, so make sure to grab a copy either at you local comic shop or digitally through Comixology. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter @hadokendotnet   and like us on Facebook to be up to date on the latest 2D Fighting Games News.

  • Samantha Jones

    Don’t claim that the explanation for Gouken’s resurrection is canon. You do not have that authority.

  • Alex

    I don’t like how all characters who were meant to be dead keep coming back alive. First, Bison was supposed to be killed by Akuma/Gouki, but came back alive. Then we find out that Gouken who was also killed by Akuma/Gouki is back alive. And now, the latest sources are claiming even Goutetsu is going to back in the series – another person who was supposed to be killed by Akuma/Gouki. Seems like the Shun Goku Satsu is a pretty crappy Satsui technique…

  • AriesWarlock

    Can’t wait to read this one for Juri’s next goal.