Hitting stands tomorrow is the 3rd issue of Udon Comics’ Street Fighter Unlimited Series. After two solid issues many fans are wondering if Udon could keep up the quality as the story gets bigger and more characters get involved. We had the chance to read this latest issue before its release and this our Spoiler Free Review.

Written by Ken Siu-Chong , the issue is a direct continuation of the last two books. Street Fighter Unlimited #3 begins with a flashback of Chun-Li in Spain infiltrating Vega’s hideout. As we know from Issue #1 things did not go as planned as the Interpol agent gets captured by the egomaniac matador. Forced to witness Vega’s Brutality Chun-li’s only hope of survival is for her friends to show up on time. In the meantime Ryu seeks the wisdom of his Master’s friend Retsu, the latter who reveals to our hero an unexpected surprise, which also happens to be the issue’s cliffhanger.

May wondered who is the character posing as bison in the first issue, and Street Fighter Unlimited #3 answers that question. While the answer might be surprising, it unfortunately was not clear and easy to see. Especially that the character seemed very different, in terms of facial characteristics, when shown wearing bison’s full outfit in Issue #1.

Much like the previous issues, Street Fighter Unlimited #3 also comes with a short story at the end. Unlike the back up story of last issue, where it serves as part of the series large narrative, this Karin vs Ibuki mini story does not add much, if anything, to the ongoing saga, and serves merely as fan service showing two fan favorite female fighters ducking it out street fighter style.

Like the previous issues, Street Fighter Unlimited #3 main story is drawn by the talented Joe Ng, who is great at drawing our favorite Street Fighter characters and giving them life in the pages. The action as usual is great and very much alive thank’s to Joe’s style. The back up story is drawn by Omar Dogan. Udon Comics fans will know dogan from the Street fighter Legend Series. And if anything, looking at Omar’s art form the back story only makes us hope that we will see him take on a new Legends series in the near future.