After a little more than a month since the Excellent premiere of Street Fighter Unlimited, the second issue is about to hit comic shops tomorrow Wednesday January 20th. So how does Street Fighter Unlimited #2 fare? Keep reading o find out.

After the first issue serving as a smart recap to all the Street fighter comics that preceded it, Street Fighter Unlimited #2 moves the overall story forward into an interesting direction. The main characters here are Ken and Guile who are investigating Chun-li’s disappearance and the secret society’s connection to the remnant of Shadaloo. The quest takes our two heroes to meet Balrog, who now runs a “legitimate” business from the holdings of the now defunct Shadaloo. But has Balrog really turned legit? Or is he maybe hiding some information that might help Ken and Guile  find the whereabouts to Chun-li? Telling would be spoiling and this a spoiler-Free Review 😉

Another plot point that is revealed in street Fighter Unlimited #2, is the partial motives of Gill and his secret society. While not much is revealed here, the last two panels makes the readers wonder how far has Gill been involved in the previous comic events, especially the Street Fighter IV era.


Written by Ken Sui Chong, the story of Street Fighter Unlimited #2 is as solid and intriguing as ever. There is also this very nostalgic feel to how the story unfolds that reminds me of the first excellent 6 issues of the Street Fighter comics series. It is difficult to describe it, but once you pick up the issue when hits the stands tomorrow you will know what i am talking about.

If there was one complaint about Street Fighter Unlimited #2, it would be the fact the second issue does not serve as a direct follow up to the premiere issue. Since pretty much all the characters form Issue 1 are not seen in the second. This would not be noticeable if you are reading the whole series in a trade from or binge reading one issue after the other. But when you are waiting a month between each issue i tend to get a little bit impatient.


The book, much like the previous book, offers a back up story. Unlike the premiere issue, Street Fighter Unlimited #2 offers a back up story that pretty much is part of the ongoing story. This back up pages feature Necro and Effie, and how the former has escaped from the captivity of the Delta Red group.

Art wise there is nothing you could complain about. Joe Ng is at his best when drawing these characters. Action panels are very expressive and feel alive. If there is one thing i hop art wise is for Joe to keep drawing this series from start to end. I would hate to lose his talent.

Overall, Street Fighter Unlimited #2 is an impressive follow up to the premiere issue. Even though my boy Ryu does not make an appearance, the plot of the Unlimited Series is becoming clearer as more World Warriors are getting involved.