After being absent from Comic shops as a monthly comic for the past few years, Udon’s Street Fighter series is finally back in the form of Street Fighter Unlimited #1.

This new monthly comic picks up few weeks or months from where we left our heroes in the Super Street Fighter volume 2 (released last year). This first issue serves as a quick recap of the events that preceded it, from the moment Gouken was murdered up to where Ryu and Akuma, under the Satsui No Hado, faced Gill.


Recapping the old stories was not the only thing this issue serves. As  Street Fighter Unlimited #1 lays the ground nicely for things to come. By the end of the book you get an idea of where the story might be heading, even though, the last page is a surprising cliffhanger that will surely get fans talking on forums.

Just like all the previous main Street Fighter comics, the story is written by Ken Sui Chong. And not only does ken quickly proves he is still very much in control of this extensive universe, but he only brings back the tone and vibe of the first series by Udon (Street Fighter).

Art wise, Street Fighter Unlimited #1 is a spectacle for the Street Fighter fans eyes. Joe Ng is a great fit for the Street Fighter Universe, and his art should be considered one of the best for the series. Seeing old event drawn in his style was a blast.


Street Fighter Unlimited #1 also offers a fun mini story featuring Haggar and Alex. While the story itself is very simple and really does not add anything to the main story, it is a fun welcomed one shot.

Overall, Street Fighter Unlimited #1 is a great start to this new series, with amazing art and a good story that serves both as a jumping point for new readers and old. The first few pages give a quick retelling for the story so far, while the rest lay down the ground for things to come.

Street Fighter Unlimited #1 hits store shelves Tomorrow Wednesday December 9th.

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  • meinster.go

    I never got a chance to check the old books. Might give this one a chance. Are tge other books available digitally at least?