Capcom and Street Fighter are no strangers in the world of smartphone games. We had chance to get Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter IV: Bolt onto our mobile phones earlier. Now, according to GameSpot, Capcom has plans to release Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition for iPhone and iPad. This is an updated version of Street Fighter IV, bringing some changes like “improved visuals, three new characters, and support for more recent, wider-screen devices.”

The total character number will be 25 with these new three characters: Poison, Ibuki, and Dundley. You’ll be able to fight against Al or against other players online. When it comes to control, players will use four-button virtual pad displayed on the screen allowing them “to execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts.” For those not keen to use virtual pad, the game also supports external gamepads and controllers. We didn’t get a definitive release date yet, but Capcom intends to release Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition this summer. Also, there are no information about the cost of the game, but Street Fighter IV is currently priced at 4$ at iTunes, so that could be a good indicator. If you don’t want to miss the news about the game, you can subscribe here or just follow