Starting with Issue #5, Street Fighter Unlimited will see a new artist taking helm of the series for a limited run. The artist in question is Edwin Huang. “Edwin’s art will be headlining the series for four issues, starting with STREET FIGHTER™ UNLIMITED #5. This issue sees Ryu, desperate to control the dark forces within him, seeking out a new master – the ancient hermit Oro! Plus, in a special bonus story illustrated by Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Oro is paid a visit by another student of the Ansatsuken martial arts – the deadly Akuma!”

Check a preview page as well as the stunnig covers of Street Fighter Unlimited #5:

SFU#5_CVRA_Story SFU#5_CVRB_Ultrajam SFU#5_CVRC_Homage SFU#5_CVRD_Incentive