No matter how old you are, these SFV Mini Collectibles will touch the child in you. Series of new SFV Mini Collectibles are available on You can check the full announcement below.

“In celebration of the release of Street Fighter V, Kidrobot brings a brand new Street Fighter 3″ Blind Box Mini Series! This mini series features exciting new characters from the game! Each figure comes packaged in a blind box style. Every box is a surprise!”

The following characters are included:

  • Birdie – 2/20
  • Cammy – 2/20
  • Charlie Nash – 1/20
  • Chun Li – 1/20
  • Dhalsim – 1/40
  • Fang – 3/40
  • Karin – 3/80
  • Ken – 2/20
  • Laura – 1/20
  • M Bison – 1/20
  • Mika – 1/80
  • Necalli – 3/40
  • Rashid – 1/20
  • Ryu – 2/20
  • Vega – 1/20
  • Zangief – 3/40

If you have any doubts about collecting these SFV Mini Collectibles , the following photos will convince you that it is the right decision. They are just so irresistible.

streetfighterminiseries_web_08 streetfighterminiseries_web_07 streetfighterminiseries_web_06 streetfighterminiseries_web_05 streetfighterminiseries_web_04 streetfighterminiseries_web_03 streetfighterminiseries_web_02 streetfighterminiseries_web_01 streetfighterminiseries_web_09

Seriously, what are you waiting for. Grab these and try to collect them all, or at least get your favorite character. They can be also a great gift for your friends who love the game. SFV Mini Collectibles cost $9.99 each.

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