There you have it folks. One more spectacular tournament is over and we have a new Capcom Cup Winner for 2016. In an all American finale, it was Ricki Ortiz against NuckleDU. Ricki Ortiz previously kicked out Haitani while NuckleDu did the same to MOV. Two Americans kicked out two Japaneses. Odd, we have to admit, but Ricki Ortiz and NuckleDu were better prepared and wished to win more.

It was 2-1 for NuckleDu, with Ricki Ortiz having a chance to get back to the game. They went head to head, dealing damage, until NuckleDu made a few extraordinary moves and finished the job. As a Capcom Cup Winner for 2016 NuckleDu doesn’t only get bragging rights but a check for $120K plus extra money from DLC sales which should be about additional $110K. Congratulation to NuckleDU, and we hope he will enjoy the money. We have to admit we are a bit sad because the CPT is over, but soon enough the next season will kick in. Before we go, we bring you the full ranking of Capcom Cup 2016, from 1 to 32 taken from reddit. Enjoy!



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