The fact that Misterio could miss the Capcom Cup 2016 was rumored for some time, due to his inability to get the visa to enter the United States but now we received the confirmation. AceKingOffsuit tweeted that Misterio missing Cap Cup is a certain thing now. K-Brad will likely be the one replacing him. You can look at the tweet below.

K-Brad’s entry in the Capcom Cup 2016 brings some major changes in the brackets. We covered both Misterio and K-Brad brackets in our previous articles, but doesn’t hurt to remind you once more how K-Brad bracket will look like. But note that we are still waiting for Capcom to give us further Capcom Cup details. Check it out below.

Infiltration (1) vs DR Ray (51)

Luffy (16) vs Mago (17)

MOV (8) vs Brolynho (26)

Daigo (9) vs K-Brad (25)

Nuckledu (4) vs XsK_Samurai (32)

Xian (13) vs CCL (20)

Fuudo (5) vs Problem X (30)

Momochi (12) vs Chris Tatarian (21)

Tokido (2) vs Tse444 (42)

Eita (15) vs Go1 (18)

Gamerbee (7) vs Ricki Ortiz (27)

Julio Fuentes (10) vs Kazunoko (23)

Justin Wong (3) vs Sako (35)

Haitani (14) vs FChamp (19)

Xiao Hai (6) vs Ryan Hart (29)

Phenom (11) vs Mister Crimson (22)

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