For those who are not familiar with the upcoming first character in the new Season 2, Capcom decided to do a little introduction and show Akuma’s abilities in Street Fighter V along with his history. Capcom Community Manager, Matt Edwards, introduces us to Akuma through a YouTube video where you can see Akuma at his best and get a taste of gameplay with the character. For Season 2, the Street Fighter V roster will grow from 22 to 28 with six additional characters, so if the Akuma is just the beginning, we have much to hope for in the future as well. You can look the introduction video below.

Akuma was already a powerful character when he first appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and judging by the Akuma’s abilities in Street Fighter V introduction video, he will be just as powerful. Who knows, maybe some of the top players embrace Satsui no Hado and we get to see the competitive side of Akuma.

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