This will be a hell of a tournament. The first day of Capcom Cup 2016 already brought some major upsets. Our beloved Infiltration, the man we cheered through the season is out. HumanBomb who got lucky enough to get in the Cap Cup because CCL dropped out took out Infiltration in the first round. Infiltration then had to take on Mago in the looser bracket who previously lost against Luffy. This was the moment when Infiltration was supposed to shine and get back into the tournament. He has been the best SFV player in this season and he should have gone to the end. But, this is why we love Capcom Cup. It always brings something unexpected.

Mago managed to get himself together, unlike Infiltration and take him 3-2 like HumanBomb did. If this first day of Capcom Cup 2016 isn’t an announcement for a great finish, we don’t know what could be. We are sorry Infiltration, but the show must go on. Stay tuned on, since we are bringing the full results soon.

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